Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Edward LisneyEdward Lisney
I am absolutely Buzzing Steve is a great Instructor. In the lead up to my test I had doubts, I was worried that I hadn't practised stuff as much as I should but Steve was reassuring, which gave me confidence on the day of my test. His advice to relax and drive like I normally did meant that the nerves went and I just got on and did what was needed. Happy to pass at the first attempt. Still buzzing!

Ashley HowellsAshley Howells
Nailed it
Steve is such a great instructor to have, He lets you know what to expect from each lesson but always manages to throw in a little bit extra towards the end to give you a little push, which helps to boost your confidence and make you realise that you are more capable than you think. 10/10 instructor and would highly recommend.

Sophie VincentSophie Vincent
Wow I did it!!
I highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor. He was always so calm and had confidence in me when I didn't always have it in myself. Thanks to him I passed first time and I've gained so much more confidence on the road.

Craig MooreCraig Moore
I can't believe I did it
Thanks to Steve's guidance I passed my test at the first attempt. Steve made me feel at ease from the start and really confident in the build up to my test. Thank you Steve, I will certainly be recommending you.

Dan GrangerDan Granger
Got my Licence
Steve is a great driving instructor, I passed first time thanks to his friendly and encouraging manner. Steve allowed me to focus on making sure I was confident with each step before moving onto the next and gave me good advice throughout. I would recommend him to anyone.

Emily HallEmily Hall
Still Smiling
Thanks to Steve's excellent instructing, I was able to pass first time! He is very friendly and calming and was able to put me at ease from the start. I finished every lesson smiling and feeling more confident in my driving. Thank you so much!!

Marvin McgowanMarvin Mcgowan
Got my Licence
Steve is such a helpful instructor. He lets you decide what to do and lets you go at your own pace although he does push you to develop your driving further than you think you can go. He made me feel comfortable in every situation and treats mistakes as a chance to improve yourself. I really couldn't have asked for more. Cheers again Steve, I will definitely be recommending you.

Josh HadleyJosh Hadley
Finally nailed it
Thanks Steve for putting up with me for so long as you did. Really gonna miss you but glad I won't have to drive your car again! Seriously, I appreciate the time and effort that you put in helping me to finally pass my test.

Alex WhitbyAlex Whitby
Thanks for all your help Steve. I really appreciate it. You were a great help in preparation for my driving test and enabling me to pass at the first attempt. I would recommend you to any new learner

Charlotte EddiesCharlotte Eddies
Passed first time
I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and help over the past year helping me learn how to drive! I would recommend Steve to anyone as a driving instructor, especially after having a bad experience with another instructor that initially put me off driving - he's helped me overcome my initial fear at my own pace and encouraged me, most importantly to have faith in myself, thanks again Steve for helping me achieve something that a while ago I thought would never be possible.

Amy RoycroftAmy Roycroft
Passed 1st Time
I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough. Not only is he an excellent driving instructor but he is also a very lovely person to have learnt from. Steve has built my confidence up tremendously over the past year and I couldn't be more grateful. I would recommend Steve to any learner. It's been a pleasure having him as my driving instructor and it's thanks to him I've passed today.

Sian Sian
You learn from your mistakes
Before having my first driving lesson I was terrified, thinking if I did anything wrong my instructor would be mad. But when I did make any mistake or do something wrong, Steve was great telling me that it’s ok if you do things wrong, as long as you learn from the mistake and he wouldn’t let me make any serious mistake that could harm anyone, which was my biggest fear. I would recommend Steve to anyone thinking of driving. He's the reason I am now confident on the road.

Natalie BodenNatalie Boden
Hard work and determination pays off for Natalie
Thank you Steve very much for all your help and support, not to mention your patience with me and my nerves! You have been amazing, & without your encouragement I would never have put in to take my test let alone past . Its a dream come true and will give me endless opportunities! Forever grateful x

Steve KennySteve Kenny
Passed first time
Steve is a fantastic instructor and I cannot recommend him enough. Because of accidents I was in when I was younger I have always been terrified of driving a car but Steve has given me the skills and more importantly the confidence needed. Thanks to Steve I passed first time and love being on the road, I keep finding excuses to go out for a drive.

Owen DaviesOwen Davies
First Time Pass
Steve's one of the most relaxing and confident people I've met, absolutely perfect as a driving instructor. He never makes you feel like you're out of your comfort zone, yet you constantly make leaps and bounds of progress every lesson whilst barely realising it; that's just the kind of confidence Steve instills in you as a new driver. Passing was as much Steve's achievement as it was mine because he encourages you to learn to drive, not just to pass your test. When you make a mistake (which you will, a lot) Steve makes it always feel like something to learn from and not a personal failure, something I had difficulty with at first -- his calm and encouraging way of handling everything in the car are unparalleled. Thanks for everything you did for me Steve.

Passed with Zero Faults
Jackie showed that age is no barrier to Learning when she passed with Zero faults Thanks to Steve, who built up my confidence with such calming patience and understanding, when maybe I was slow grasping a manoeuvre or something, he would explain and simplify, never failing in making me enjoy my driving. I would recommend Steve to anyone wanting to drive or refresh their driving if they have lost confidence, Thank you for helping me get my new found freedom.I look forward to many year's of happy driving

Mollie BrownMollie Brown
I am so glad I chose Steve to be my driving instructor. He always showed up for lessons early and was calm, patient and encouraging throughout. He has a very positive attitude and even when I would make a mistake, he would explain what went wrong and reassure me that I would get it better next time. Overall, learning to drive with Steve was a great decision and I will happily recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks again Steve.

Beth HarrisBeth Harris
Steve was very calm and patient from the first lesson that I had with him. He kept me motivated to continue my driving journey even after many set backs that I was experiencing personally. He taught me how to become a safe and competent driver and I can't thank him enough for all that he did for me. When I passed I could see that it was an achievement for him too and he was genuinely proud and happy for me; this was lovely to see. I would recommend Steve to anyone as I believe he will accommodate for all individuals whilst ensuring that you become confident to drive safely once on your own. Thanks so much Steve.

Steve is a wonderful person to learn with. He came recommended from several friends and it didn't take long to recognise why. He's patient, calm, and never pressures you into anything you don't think you can do, while also subtly easing you forward so you're always getting better. It's the fact that there's always both an eye on your driving skills, and on why you personally might be having trouble with certain things, which as someone who does sometimes let their nerves get the better of them, helped a great deal. There are always positives provided to counteract whatever might have gone wrong, and keep you from feeling too desperate. For a reliable smiling attitude and clear instruction, you can't do better. Great for a good chat on the drive home too.

Leah HodsonLeah Hodson
Starting with Steve and having no experience of any kind of driving whatsoever I was a little worried! But from that first lesson I can say that felt eager to learn! Couldn't have asked for anyone more patient and welcoming and I felt at ease every lesson! From having no experience to passing first time with only 4 minors it just shows how good Steve is and I cannot thank him enough!

Iain MacdonaldIain Macdonald
Whilst looking for a local driving instructor, I did a fair bit of research and didn't really find what I was looking for at the time. However it was after stumbling upon the website, that I decided to give Steve a call and we arranged a meeting to discuss Steve becoming my Instructor and from the first meeting I knew that Steve was perfect. As we begun and developed, I was always impressed with Steve's professionalism as well as his ability to put me at ease when my confidence was a little shaky. Steve always was always able to support and encourage, whilst explaining the technical aspect of whatever part of driving we were looking at that day. I really am grateful to Steve for giving me the confidence to pass first time and would always recommend Steve anybody that enquired about who I learnt to drive with. Thanks so much Steve!! Iain Macdonald Grateful customer

Jade BirdJade Bird
Can't believe it!
Steve helped me build my confidence so much in my lessons as I had a bad experience with my last instructor. I think the thing that helped me the most was that Steve believed I could do it, and supported me each step of the way. Steve is incredibly patient and helpful with things like websites to use and videos to watch etc. He loves his job and wants his customers to pass. Thank you so much Steve!

Donna MurrayDonna Murray
1st time pass
Steve is an absolutely fantastic instructor. Always so professional and patient and very willing to work lessons around your schedule. Never in a million years did I think that I would pass my driving test first time, but Steve gave me the confidence and determination to get it done. If any of my friends/family are looking for an instructor, I will most definitely be recommending Steve! Thank you for all your help!

Neve YorkNeve York
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor. All my lessons were based around what I suggested which meant I was very confident by the time of my test. The online resources provided were also a great use for both my theory and practical test. My experience learning to drive was positive and stress-free because of Steve

Clare PayneClare Payne
Passed first time
Highly recommend Steve. Steve is a very patient and calm instructor, even when I was nervous he kept me calm and gave me the confidence to do my test. Fantastic instructor.

Happy Chappy
I cannot thank Steve enough for all of his patience and guidance throughout all of my driving lessons. He was more than happy to plan lessons around work at a very fair price. His manner is very polite and calm and every lesson fills you with confidence as you just know that he wants you to succeed just as much as you do yourself. I passed my driving test first time and I can honestly say without Steve's knowledge and guidance it may not have been so simple! You can stop looking for instructors because I doubt you'll find a better one. Thanks for everything Steve!

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! His techniques and ways of learning were so easy it helped me pick it up very quickly. I passed with only 2 minors and I was so pleased. He had complete faith in me, and I'm so glad I chose to learn with such a first class instructor! Thanks Steve

Steve is a fantastic instructor! He put me at ease right from the start and I always looked forward to my next lesson. He is very friendly and chatty and could always make me laugh to put me at ease. He never pushed me towards anything I didn't feel very confident with, but made sure I kept learning at a steady pace. Steve has the patience of a saint and I honestly believe he has missed his calling as a therapist!! I suffered terribly with nerves and kept putting pressure on myself to pass quickly and when it all got too much Steve was a huge help keeping me calm and helping me to focus on the end goal. Steve has been an absolutely fantastic instructor and i'll be forever grateful to him for putting up with my bad nerves and road rage!! Thank you very much Steve!!! Lauren Bland Extremely happy customer!

Shannon StewartShannon Stewart
Shannon passed at the second attempt. She said "Steve builds your confidence up and makes you feel like you can do it!, before my test he made me feel so confident and took my nerves away, I thought of him as a friend not just a driving instructor. There was times where I cried and felt like I couldn't do it and he listened and made me realise that I could do it. Closer to my test Steve really supported me and ensured I had lessons that suited me. I really do appreciate everything he's done for me. Wouldn't of passed without him because I would have given up if it wasn't for his support"

The hard work paid off for Jenny using the LDC system for the first time.

She said "Having failed two driving tests three years ago with a different instructor, the thought of a third attempt made me very nervous when I started lessons with Steve. Thankfully he was a very kind and patient instructor who knew exactly how to solve the issues I had with driving by tackling one issue at a time. His approach that the student is in charge of the lesson was very helpful as it meant I could choose what to focus on and become a more confident driver. I managed to pass on my first attempt with Steve after just over 20 hours of lessons! Thank you for everything!" Amy Joy Great Instructor.

Ellie ChiltonEllie Chilton
Ellie passed at the second attempt.
Steve has been supportive and encouraging throughout my time with him. I had no confidence and I was constantly worrying about my driving ability. He always boosted my confidence and assured me I could do it. I don't think I could have done it without Steve. He was very patient with me and always positive. Thank you so much for everything!

Janina passed at the first attempt
I can not thank Steve enough for teaching me how to drive! If anyone is looking for a very patient, friendly, calm and punctual instructor, Steve is definitely the best person for this. I enjoyed every driving lesson and managed to pass first time. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to pass their test first time, he is a brilliant instructor!!

Passed at the first attempt with only two minors.
Brilliant instructor! Steve was patient and supportive throughout my time learning to drive and I am very thankful to have found him. Knowing that Steve had confidence in me greatly helped me to have the confidence in myself and I cannot thank him enough for this! I think it's important to relay that, unlike many of the larger companies, Steve puts no pressure on his students to take their money and push block bookings and will happily provide other types of support, such as Theory Test materials online, for free! I realised this after initially beginning to learn with Red and then leaving them to learn with Steve, a change I'm very glad I made!! In the time leading up to my test Steve continued to reassure me of my capability to pass and this stayed with me throughout my test. I would undoubtedly recommend Steve to anyone thinking about learning to drive and I am happy to look back on my experience learning as a positive time! Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and perseverance Steve!

Archie Butler Archie Butler
It has been a pleasure to be taught by Steve! I was very nervous when starting my lessons and Steve was quick to put my nerves at ease and under his instruction I really enjoyed learning to drive and managed to pass first time. He is very punctual and was always on time if not early, as well as this he is extremely friendly and easy to get along with which further eased my nerves. The lessons were very well planned and he always made sure I understood what we were doing and why and he was always happy to answer my questions (however silly they may have been!). I cannot recommend Steve enough to anyone looking to learn to drive and i look forward to putting into practice what he has taught me!

Laurie Laurie
Passed at the first attempt
Steve was recommended to me by a work colleague whose daughter passed under Steve's tuition. I couldn't recommend Steve more - as someone who didn't seem to have the natural talent for driving straight away, Steve was happy to take time over teaching the basics and graduating the skill level accordingly. He's friendly, well-mannered and a good laugh, though he never loses focus on the overall aim of the driving lesson: passing your test and safe driving for life. I passed my test first time, and I believe that had I been with any instructor other than Steve, I would have been passing third or fourth time, instead of first.

Darren BromwichDarren Bromwich
Steve was recommended to me by my younger brother who had lessons with Steve last year and passed his test first time. I've found that Steve is a brilliant instructor and it has been a pleasure learning to drive with him, he is very patient and willing to help. At 34 years old I was expecting to need a large amount of lessons but after around 19 (roughly 31.5 hours in total) I had passed my test with 4 minors. This was possible by taking on board everything Steve taught me in my lessons.

I have been driving for almost a week now and I'm really enjoying it. I couldn't have done it without Steve and can't thank him enough. I highly recommend Steve Ford to anybody looking to learn to drive. Thanks for your help Steve!

Paige HudsonPaige Hudson
I passed this April with Steve. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor! I had previously been with 2 other driving schools, but with Steve I never gave up and passed with his driving school. You feel relaxed, and he gave me a lot of confidence which I needed, and taught me how to drive safely. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive he is a great instructor and will test you on your limits until you are 100% satisfied, I cannot thank Steve enough for helping me pass and I wish all the future students the best on the road.

Pleased to pass at the second attempt
I really can't compliment Steve enough. He taught me not only how to drive but how to enjoy driving and to do so safely. Steve managed to put me at ease no matter what situation I was in and helped my confidence when it needed it. He's very patient and always tries to push you further in every lesson, even if you don't think you can do it, Steve has the trust and reassurance you need! He's very reliable, friendly and is always on time. (I think I actually ended up having lots of extra time by the end of it all!) You'll be so surprised at how much you can learn within a lesson. I loved every minute learning to drive and driving since I passed my test has opened up whole new opportunities for me. I honestly can't thank Steve enough for everything he's done. So book your first lesson with Steve and I assure you, you will be counting down the days till your next lesson! Thanks again Steve, I couldn't have done it without you.

Passed at the first attempt with no faults
I passed my driving test with NO minors I could only have achieved this through Steve's good driving tuition. He is a very patient and thorough driving instructor, which is very soothing as I had no confidence with driving when I first started to learn to drive. I would highly recommend Steve he has been very accommodating when booking lessons as he works around his students, such as college and my part time job. I cannot compliment or credit Steve enough. If you want to learn to drive well then don't hesitate and contact Steve. Thanks again Steve

Passed at the first attempt
I can't recommend Steve enough, very calm and patient even when I had no confidence at all! Very reliable, always on time, friendly and supportive! If you're looking to pass first time and feel relaxed and comfortable in every lesson, Steve is the instructor for you!

Shawn CartwrightShawn Cartwright
Passed at the first attempt
I have been putting off driving for many years and I was nervous about learning to drive. I had instructors before who seemed more interested in making money than teaching me how to drive. Steve is an exceptional person who is purely there to help you succeed and pass. Steve is a perfect gentleman who is willing and able to help you succeed. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you Steve for all that you have done. Can't imagine what it would be like now not driving. I wish you the best.

Passed at the second attempt
Before I began driving, I was incredibly nervous to begin as I had little confidence in my potential abilities. These feelings of doubt, though, quickly went away because of Steve's top-notch teaching. Steve provided me with excellent and friendly tuition based around a very well structured course. He is highly professional and makes you feel at ease even at the most stressful of times. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, and to top it off he's a fantastic guy too! Thanks for everything Steve!

Passed at the second attempt
I put off my driving lessons for 12 years! Then I heard about Steve through some friends my age who had passed with his help. I just passed yesterday and have to say Steve is a great instructor and top bloke. Would highly recommend. Excellent instructor. Thanks Steve.

Passed at the first attempt with only 1 minor
Steve is a great instructor, he did an amazing job at helping me learn to drive, I would recommend him to anyone, I have had other driving instructors but none have come close to the expertise that Steve has. Very happy that I had him as an instructor. Many thanks to him for everything.

Passed at the first attempt with only two minors
Steve is a great instructor and a fantastic guy, I had started to learn to drive with my dad for a while which had got me into bad habits but Steve was very patient with me! I was very nervous before my test but he was very reassuring and I managed to pass first time with only 2 minors. Thanks for everything Steve!

Passed at the second attempt
Can't recommend Steve highly enough. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable and really friendly as well. I had put off learning to drive for a long time but Steve put my nerves at ease and made lessons a pleasure

Passed at the first attempt
Steve is a brilliant instructor, he really strives to get the best out of your driving ability. He takes your mind off being nervous and gives you the guidance that you need in a calm and friendly manner. My lessons with Steve were a blast always fun and never boring. I will recommend Steve Ford to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Superb instructor. Thank you.

Passed at the first attempt
Steve is a great instructor, he was always calm, assured and professional. Lessons were pre-planned and designed to work on what I wanted to and at my own pace. This made the experience so much easier and more enjoyable. Steve is a fantastic instructor and an all round nice guy. Couldn't have wished for a better instructor. Cheers Steve.

The hard work finally paid off for Lauren.
I wanted to take my time learning to drive and fit it in with my A level studies. Steve was very knowledgeable, calm and efficient in delivering lessons. He has enthusiasm and passion for achieving results and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective learners for safe driving. Thank you very much

Passed at the first attempt
Steve stayed calm and collected even when thing didn't go according to plan on the lessons. He helped me gain confidence in my driving by telling me when I did things well and letting me set the pace for my lessons and what skills I wanted to learn within them. Thank you!!

Passed at the second attempt with only two minors
If you're looking for your driving lessons to be an enjoyable experience, then Steve is your man. He puts you at ease right from the first lesson and his patience really is outstanding. His teaching methods are informative contrasting with a fun personality. Extra materials were provided for me to help me pick up my driving skills quicker and pass my test with more confidence, all before I even had my first lesson. I would recommend Steve to any one of my friends and any one who is looking to embark upon the driving adventure!

Passed first time with only two minors
Steve was a brilliant instructor, he allowed me to go at my own pace and decide what I wanted to learn, and suggested challenges he felt I was able to do. Steve was always very calm and reassured me when things didn't quite go the way I planned. He's very supportive, and I don't think I would of achieved as I did without him. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Steve!

Scott passed first time with a clean sheet
I could never have accomplished driving without Steve, I would recommend him without any doubt as he has managed to make the unimaginable happen.. Thank you so Much Steve.

Despite her late start to driving, Hazel passed first time.
Steve is a very kind, patient and calm instructor with a professional and helpful approach. He is always willing to answer questions and go the "extra mile" to help or explain something.

Passed at the first attempt
I was initially hesitant to learn to drive, but after one lesson with Steve I was counting down the days to my next. He didn't just teach me to drive, he taught me to enjoy it. I couldn't have passed without him. Thank you steve.

Greg passed at the second attempt
He said "Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Steve was very calm and worked with me at my pace which help me achieve something I have put off for so long!! Thanks again"

I highly recommend Steve Ford to anybody looking to pass their test with ease. Steve's style of teaching is calm and precise and centres around teaching you how to drive with control and confidence. At 33 years old I was a late comer to the world of driving and expected to need a large amount of lessons but after around 20 I was ready for my test.

In the weeks leading up to my test I was convinced I would fail. Steve had more confidence in me than I did and constantly reassured me I would pass. I should have listened as I passed my test first time with only 1 minor fault! I have been driving for a week now and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I couldn't have done it without Steve and can't thank him enough. Book your first lesson with Steve now and you'll be on here writing your own testimonial in no time at all. (if you can pull yourself out of your car long enough to write it)

A very nervous Alex passed at the first attempt
It's been one heck of an experience learning to drive, but I could never have accomplished it without Steve. He's an excellent instructor, was always clear in his instructions and explanations when teaching me. And as a person, he's a really nice guy and completely honest (great sense of humour too) . Thanks Steve, thank you so much for teaching me and giving me the ability to drive. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Heather passed at the second attempt but with only 1 minor
Steve was fantastic, I can't compliment him enough. He let me go at my own place but challenged me when he thought I could handle it. He is brilliant! I am so glad I learnt with him because I don't think I could have done as well with anyone else. Thank you so much Steve!

Natalie passed at the first attempt
I don't even know where to start! steve has been an absolute legend, such a patient, kind and re-assuring instructor. He explains not only what you have to do but why. He is always on time, organised and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to pass their test. Thank you so much!

Jack passed first time with only 2 minors
I would never have passed without Steve! I've had lessons with other instructors before but nobody gets you feeling and confident like Steve. He is very organised, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend Steve!

I took lessons before then stopped due to having kids and no money. I got to a point where i needed to pass and spotted Steve. He took me out to see what I could remember and it soon came back to me. He was very patient, kind, understanding, flexible and easy going. He lightened the mood when I wasn't feeling very confident and boosted me up. He didn't push me into anything I wasn't sure about and when I was getting stressed he would take me away from what I was trying to do and do something else. A great instructor and it shows through in your test!! Would and have recommended to friends - thanks Steve! Got there!!!

Claire passed at the third attempt. The examiner said " that drive was so smooth, I could have fallen asleep"

Passed at the first attempt with only two minors
Hi Passed my test first time well under the national average, what more could you ask for? Would definitely recommend Steve to anyone looking to pass their driving test, he is very competent and easy to get along with. Thanks Steve. Jack.

Michael passed first time
Steve is a brilliant instructor he is very patient. He was always on time & never in a rush to leave. He is a really nice bloke & easy to get on it with.

David Passed first time and with only 1 minor
Thanks for all of your help Steve You're a great bloke and a great instructor. I will definitely be recommending you to all and everybody. If you are in doubt about booking with Steve, its a no brainer really. You get materials from Steve to help you through your lessons. Book now!

Jacky passed at the second attempt
Steve is incredible, he has endless patience and explains things very well... so you actually know why you're doing something, rather than just because you're told to! You become a much better driver because of it!

Khurram passed second time with only 6 minors
For me, Steve made really difference to my life by teaching me to drive safe, drive with confidence and enjoy driving. First time I went with Steve, I never had believed that I will be driving all around the country on my own in two months. Steve gave me confidence to drive independently and pass my driving test. I thank Steve for all this support and patience.

Krista passed first time with only 2 minors
Steve is a fantastic instructor. He is very punctual to lessons and was never in a rush at the end, making sure that I understood what I had achieved during the lesson and what needed more work. His lessons were well planned and this, along with the LDC materials, made sure that I was able to make progress each lesson. I will recommend Steve to anybody that wants to learn to drive. Thanks again

Stephanie passed first time with only two minors.
Many thanks to Steve for teaching me to drive. He is a really great instructor as well as a very patient and friendly guy. He is always on time for lessons and is never in a rush to leave at the end, so that I always understood why things went wrong or were not quite as good as they should have been. His positive feedback throughout lessons made me feel confident about my driving. The workbook and Steves lessons made sure that I progressed a lot quicker than I thought possible. Thanks again- I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Steph

John FerridayJohn Ferriday
John passed first time with 7 minors
Thanks Steve for your great tuition, and competitive prices, managed to pass first time, i would recommend this instructor to anyone else who wants to pass first time!!

Gary ParkesGary Parkes
Gary passed first time with 8 minors
Big thanks to Steve Ford, great guy and great instructor. Thanks

Liam StaffordLiam Stafford
Liam passed first time with only 4 minors
Well... what can i say! Fantastic instructor & a awesome bloke. Its been great experience learning to drive with steve. He has gone beyond what other instructors would do and im sure, that with the tuition ive had from steve i will have many years safe driving. Many thanks.

Hayley Nickless Hayley Nickless
Hayley passed first time with 7 minors
I would just like to say a really big thank you Steve for all your help and getting me through my test 1st time ,you have been really patient with me on things i struggled with and especially for taking me on while i was nearly 6 months pregnant so a BIG THANKYOU again, i will definitely recommend you to others.

Sam RodenSam Roden
Sam passed first time with only 2 minors
Steve is a brilliant instructor and has been a pleasure leaning to drive with him, he is very patient and was willing to help with areas that I struggled with, and questions that I asked him, He also helped me to overcome my nerves on the day of my test. so THANK YOU STEVE!!!!!!! :-)

Andy passed first time with 5 minors
Great bloke, great instructor, Thanks alot :)

Viv Darlington Viv Darlington
A very nervous Viv passed first time
Thanks for all your help Steve, getting me through to pass first time, will definitely recommend! xxxx

Darren PearceDarren Pearce
A third time pass with 5 minors
would like to thank Steve very much for having the patience with me during my period of learning to drive. I struggled a lot before but with his help it got me through a couple of tests an i finally passed. While i was strugglin with some aspects an Steve taught me to keep my calm. Thankyou very much! Top quality instructor!!

Christian passed first time with only 7 minors
Thanks Steve, it has been a pleasure learning to drive with you. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family.

Keith Richards Keith Richards
All the hard work finally paid off for Keith, passing with only 7 minors.
Thanks steve. I know its been hard work for you,but your a very patient bloke and a great guy. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and already have done. Steves never late and never seems to be in a rush to finish and in fact I must ave ended up with hours of extra time over the weeks!thanks again Keith